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  • IELTS exam conducted by whom?

    IELTS exam is conducted by IDP.

  • Is IELTS test is difficult?

    All things are difficult before they are easy. Similarly, an effective and promising guidance can make IELTS a piece of cake.

  • How many modules in IELTS?

    There are essentially two modules of IELTS: AT module and GT module.

  • How many sections/parts are there in IELTS?

    There are four sections/parts in IELTS. The four section are Listening, reading, writing and speaking.

  • Which section/part is the easiest one?

    Every section/part can easily be tackled if our preparation for the same is disciplined, regular and confident. So, a prepared mind fears nothing.

  • In a year how many times IELTS exam is conducted in India?

    Normally, IELTS is held four times in a month which means forty eight times In a year. However the excellence with which we teach, only one attempt is sufficient.

  • What is the mode of exam?

    The exam is conducted in both paper based and computer based format.

  • Is IELTS exam compulsory?

    For study abroad almost all the countries require IELTS as a necessary proficiency Test.


  • Who conducts SAT exam?

    SAT exam is conducted by Collegeboard.

  • When should I take SAT exam?

    SAT exam should be taken during the eleventh standard so that you can promptly justify both the academics and the SAT score.

  • From how much are you evalueated in the SAT?

    The maximum score from which you are evaluated is 1600.

  • How many times should I take this exam?

    If the preparation is systematic and up to the mark, one attempt is sufficient.

  • What is the questions paper pattern In SAT?

    The question paper pattern is digital and the entire paper is divided in to two modules: Reading & Writing and Maths.

  • Time duration for SAT exam?

    The SAT exam is of 134 minutes in total.

  • Is SAT exam tough?

    Being an international aptitude examination, SAT demands a very thorough and methodical preparation. Preparation of this nature tones down the difficulty level of this exam.


  • What is good GRE score?

    Since GRE is evaluated from 340, the ideals score which is well entertained by most of the universities across many countries happens to be 315 or more.

  • How many times GRE is conducted in a year?

    GRE exam is conducted several times in a month. Going by this frequency, it is held several times a year.

  • How do I register for the GRE?

    You need to make your personal login account in the ETS website in order to be able to book your GRE date.

  • How soon do I get my score?

    GRE score is published the moment you finish taking the test and tap the submit button.

  • If I take the GRE more than once, which score will be considered by the universities?

    Universities invariably consider the best of the number of attempts that you take.

  • Where is the GRE held?

    There are two options as far as choosing the venue of GRE is concerned: the ETS authorized venue in your city or homebased test.


  • PTE exam is divided in to how many parts?

    It is essentially divided into 3 parts.

  • What are those 3 parts?

    Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

  • How many days before do I need to book the PTE date?

    You may well book the PTE date 24 hours in advance.

  • How long is PTE test result valid for?

    The PTE test result is valid for 2 years.

  • What’s the Exam fees for PTE?

    The exam fee for PTE is around 15,000 INR.The exam fee for PTE is around 15,000 INR.

  • Is extra time provided between two sections in PTE?

    No. There’s no break between sections in PTE.

  • Is there any age limit in PTE?

    No, there is no age limit as such in PTE.


  • What’s the expansion of the acronym TOEFL?

    TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language.

  • What is the registration cost of TOEFL?

    The test fee of TOEFL is Rs.14,198 INR.

  • What is inside the TOFEL IBT exam?

    The test taker discovers 4 sections inside TOEFL: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

  • How often is the TOFEL offered?

    TOEFL is offered 6 days a week.

  • Which books are recommended for TOFEL preparation?

    Official Guide TOEFL IBT is the most recommended book.

  • What am I allowed to bring with me to the test center?

    The test taker is allowed to carry passport, stationery, and water bottle.

  • What is the hardest part in TOFEL IBT?

    If the preparation is systematic and sincere, scoring in TOEFL is not a hard nut to crack.

Student Visa

  • Do different countries have different eligibility criteria for Visa application?

    Of course, every country has its own parameters of expectations and stipulations as far as VISA application is concerned.

  • Do the name of student VISAs differ from country to country?

    Yes, in USA the student VISA is called F1 VISA, in CANADA it is called Study Permit. Similarly, the student VISA has different names in different countries.

  • How much do I need to expend for the student VISA?

    The VISA fee varies from country to country. For instance, the VISA fee for Canada is CAD 150, for USA it is USD 160 and so on.

  • Is the Student VISA process totally online?

    Yes, for most of the countries, the process is online but for USA an in-person VISA interview is mandatory.

  • Is VISA interview necessary for all the countries?

    No, the VISA interview is not needed for all the countries. As of now, only USA mandates the VISA interview.

  • How can I pass my student visa interview?

    Lifemanship provides razor-sharp guidance in this regard. Do get in touch with us for the superlatively confident VISA interview preparation.

  • Can my family travel with me?

    In certain countries, the spouse can travel right along with the primary applicant. In other countries, there is a time gap of a few months between the travel of the main applicant and the spouse.

  • Can I work on my Student Visa?

    Yes, you can work for a stipulated number of hours on the student VISA.

  • How long can I stay on my student VISA?

    The length of the stay depends squarely on the length of the program along with the PSWP.

  • What are the common questions asked in VISA interviews?

    Questions asked in VISA interview are no doubt common but the answers should be unique and charismatic. Do get in touch with us for the confident, impactful and result-centric VISA interview preparation.


  • What is the ideal length of a statement of purpose (SOP)?

    The ideal length of an SOP should be 1000 – 1200 words.

  • Is there a specific format of an SOP?

    Yes, an SOP is a very well-formed and organized draft of a student’s intent. It strictly follows a pre-defined format.

  • Should I specify my work/project experience in SOP?

    Yes, you should be as comprehensive as possible in specifying the work/project experience in SOP.

  • What is the importance of SOP?

    An SOP happens to be the mouthpiece of your candidature. The possibility of the acceptance of your application to the university or college as well as the possibility of the approval of your student VISA depends largely on the quality of the SOP that you make.