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What is IELTS and why IELTS is important?

The expansion of the acronym IELTS is an International English Language Testing System which is a standardized English proficiency test administered across over 140 countries and in over 1200 locations. There are two versions of the exam: Academic and General. The Academic version is for test takers who aspire to pursue higher studies from abroad and the General Training version is for test takers who aspire to work, train or migrate to a foreign country.

Test Duration and Pattern

Sections Format Duration Total Score
Listening 4 Sections (10 Qs per section)
Total 40 Objective Questions
40 Minutes. 9 bands
Reading 3 passages (13/14 Qs per passage)
Total 40 Objective Questions
60 Minutes 9 bands
Writing General:
Task 1: Letter & Task 2: Essay
Academic: Task 1: Diagram & Task 2: Essay
60 Minutes 9 bands
Speaking No of Sections: 3
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Cue Card
Section 3 – Follow-up Qs on Cue-Card
10 - 15 Minutes 10 - 15 Minutes

Salient features

  • 1. The overall test time for IELTS is 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  • 2. Listening, Reading and Writing (LRW) are completed on the same day, in single sitting.
  • 3. The Speaking test takes place 2 or 3 days before or after the LRW.
  • 4. Each Section is evaluated on the scale of 0 - 9. The overall IELTS score is the average of these individual sectional scores.
  • Am I Qualified For IELTS?

    The IELTS examination is not recommended to students who are under 16 years of age. Other than the above there is no binding regulation along the lines of eligibility.

    Important Facts

    1.   The score of the IELTS exam is valid for 2 years.
    2.  In India, the IELTS is both CBT (computer based test) and        PBT (paper based test)
    3. IELTS score is valid in almost all the foreign education       institutions.
    4.  The IELTS exam can be scheduled throughout the year.

    IELTS at Lifemanship

  • 1. 3 months of comprehensive classroom coaching.
  • 2. 30 – 45 days of crash course batch available.
  • 3. Unique planner called I-LAP to magically improve your English proficiency.
  • 4. The IELTS educators at Lifemanship are British Council and IDP certified trainers.
  • 5. Necessary Vocabulary and Grammar sessions to enhance your English accuracy.
  • 6. 30 Full-Length Paper-based mock IELTS tests.
  • 7. Up-to 10 Individual speaking sessions with thorough assessment of the same.
  • 8. Proper evaluation of and feedback on 10 Writing Tasks on an individual basis.
  • 9. Access to all standardized tests and several books at Lifemanship.